Monday, September 29, 2008

Onlii Lames Aren't Gonna Do This

HEY CHICAS!!!!!!!!!!
So here's da deal
I got dis link 4 da ladies
If you like free stuff its great for you!
Filling out this form will help you get free stuff!
I have recieved free magazine subscriptions to Bazaar and Teen Vogue through this.
They also send out free samples for new products.
I promise this is not a scam.
Let me help you!
Ima post the link and all you have to do is give them your information. It won't even take long!
Thanks Guys
{make me proud}

Friday, September 26, 2008

Betsey: Gots 2 b da CoOlest G-Ma n da World!

[pics courtesy of FabSugar]

Betsey Johnson

Spring 2009

How could you not love her?

I mean if you looked up original in the Fashion Dictionary it should be a picture of her.

The craziest thing about it is that she is a grandmother of two.[showed off the lucky grandkids at the beginning of the show]

I mean a grandmother that refuses to grow up,


Anyways the fashion show was great. No I wasn't there, but I have my sources.

What other fashion show has cupcakes?


As always it was a fun show. It was more of a fantasy land. It had somewhat a Peter-Pan theme.

Honestly from the handcuffed brides to the cotton candy colored hair.Betsey even had her own Peter-Pan inspired outfit on when she did the infamous carthwheel.

It was truly a blessing to the fashion industry.

Maybe next year I will be there.

But anywhos.......

The show was great!!!!!

30 years strong and only getting stronger,


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jazmine Sullivan<3


its a new song from Jazmine Sullivan and........

Lions, Tigers,and Bears.

its great da album is in stores its entitled Fearless

i love it.........

The girl is talented. She has so much control over her range. Her voice is beautiful. I have a good feeling about her. Let's watch and see her career unfold.

and oh yea....
She happens to be from Philly.





GO AHEAD!!!!!!!!

"The Hills"[friends don't date friends' leftovers]

Pictures by WireImage, FilmMagic, Celebrity


Did You See the Hills on Monday???????

Come on People, you gotta love it!

Stephanie finally shows her true colors. She goes on a date with Doug. We definitely don't dig into our friends' doggy bags to get the left overs. {GeesH} I love Lauren. I hate seeing her get stabbed in the back, but we can say she brought this on herself. What makes you want to be friends with Spencer's sister? The same girl that told you off before. Lauren you got to start making better choices when it comes to friends. I know you can't judge her for Spencer's actions. {Sike} That's the red flag. Lauren please run far away from Stephanie Pratt.
Nevertheless, i'm pretty darn sure my dear Lauren will not take my advice. She will give Stephanie a second chance. Stephanie will betray her and my poor Lauren will be hurt.{GeesH} Don't worry I will still be watching. lol