Friday, September 26, 2008

Betsey: Gots 2 b da CoOlest G-Ma n da World!

[pics courtesy of FabSugar]

Betsey Johnson

Spring 2009

How could you not love her?

I mean if you looked up original in the Fashion Dictionary it should be a picture of her.

The craziest thing about it is that she is a grandmother of two.[showed off the lucky grandkids at the beginning of the show]

I mean a grandmother that refuses to grow up,


Anyways the fashion show was great. No I wasn't there, but I have my sources.

What other fashion show has cupcakes?


As always it was a fun show. It was more of a fantasy land. It had somewhat a Peter-Pan theme.

Honestly from the handcuffed brides to the cotton candy colored hair.Betsey even had her own Peter-Pan inspired outfit on when she did the infamous carthwheel.

It was truly a blessing to the fashion industry.

Maybe next year I will be there.

But anywhos.......

The show was great!!!!!

30 years strong and only getting stronger,


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