Monday, March 2, 2009

Back Together (What I Think About Chris & Rihanna)

Ok, so the word is that Rihanna & Chris are back together. I know it is a million of yall that are like why would she do that and she is so stupid. However you have to realize that although she is amazingly hot, talented, & famous she is also human. She is in love and when you are in love you will do some dumb stuff. He was her first love and it is not as easy as you think to just let it go. Leave them alone to work out thier issues(geesh). I just hope he learned from his mistake and treats her right this time. I wish them the best of luck and the next time that you look down on her for her decision to get back with him you should consider these lyrics from Rihanna's song Rehab:

Ain't it crazy when you're love swept?
You'll do anything for the one you love
'Cause anytime that you needed me
I'd be there
It's like you were my favorite drug

So I think that pretty much says it all kids. Now lets not have to address this situation again.

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