Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Emotions :/

Ok, so sometimes I do use this thing I call a blog 2 express my motions. I'm so not feeling happy right now. Like I am totally unaware of what's going on. All I know is that I don't like it. I don't know what will make me feel better, but as of May 28,2009 I am soooo not happy. I just feel soooooooo blah. I mean idk what it is exactly. I am jobless, but I finally have an interview 2mrrw so that should be making me happy. Ummmmmm I'm still single but that's not an issue because I don't believe I want that right now. I miss my friends, but I will see them soon, sooooo I am lost. I don't know why I feel so down. Sometimes I wish I could sleep things away, but it seems as though it is completely impossible which is not cool.Yeah I am kinda emotional right now. I am very ready for me 2 get ova this.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 Pretty Girls

Nuffin much jus a pic 4 u guys 2 enjoy. I love Lauren & Nicki and Deedz does 2.
{Love yal}

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And Just Like This My Dreams Die...........

Tiny C with TI once again! Pictures, Images and Photos

OK.....So I was always hoping I wouldn't see this day. I mean who wants to see this day, hopefully this day can be skipped and we can all move on happily with our lives. {sigh} This prolly wont happen and my worst nightmare is prolly gonna come through. Word on is that my husband.....{sigh}yes Clifford Harris is getting married this saturday. Sad to say, but it wont be me walking down the aisle. Yes its our worst nightmare, he's finally gonna put a ring on her finger.This is not good. The most beautiful man I know is going to marry Tiny. This may sound like hating, but I really love him. How could he do this to me???

I honestly love him soooooooooooo, if this makes him happy I guess I will have to be happy. I mean they do have tons of kids and been together for mad long. She's a ride or die chick which he deserves. If I can't have him at least I can rest knowing that he has someone who really loves him.{sigh}

Disclaimer: I will be happy 4 yal but if she does anything 2 hurt him I swear I will be there before she could begin to blink her eye. {tear}

ti n tiny Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, May 11, 2009

Music :Teairra Mari featuring Nicki Minaj

I believe the title says it all. I mean first its Nicki and then its Teairra Mari. I know you thought it was all jokes when they said she was coming back out, but apparently its not. I like her song Automatic. Look out for her album titled, At This Point. {smooches}

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trendsetter Ri-Ri

Who's Fly????
No, I'm not talking about Beyonce. I'm talking about Rihanna. Like, what can I say???
I dig her swag. She's fly with or without him. She makes him look good to be honest. I wish she was my big sister so I could go into her closet and steal her clothes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Kanye Backs Me Up"

Ok, so you guys all know I love Hov. He is like the big brother I never had. (So much inspiration)
Soooooo I know some people who seem to believe that Hov has NO Swag (Crazily Ridiculous)
In an attmept to help these poor people I have searched 4 someone who could help me heal their troubled minds.
Who did I find? Kanye West.
Kanye has crazy swag and if you say he doesn't your an utter idiot and I can no longer associate myself with you.

"T.I. has a great effortless sense of style [and] Jay has set mad trends and is the [Frank] Sinatra of our era," Ye wrote via his blog last week. "Nobody is as fresh as Ralph Lauren himself, only Andre 3000 and [Mr.] Bentley get close but there's still work to do. I think old men dress the freshest...When I can see crazy stuff I've worn and people laugh at me, all I can do is laugh with you and think, I had fun though." (Kanye's Blog)
{There you have it, Kanye said Hov has swag, Now take that you haters}

J'Adore Nicki

Yesh......So I know you heard BEAM ME UP SCOTTY......
Genius of Course.....As I looked for something 2 share with you guys I found a Nicki Special....yuppos a treat just for yal....I mean you have 2 LOVE this girl. She even loves LAUREN LONDON. Real shxt, you have 2 lubb Nicki. Oh & Scrappy does a cameo 4 us. Yes he's badd. I'm in lubb wit dat accent. Oh yes this is a GREAT video. Thanxx Nicki. Ur da best lolz