Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And Just Like This My Dreams Die...........

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OK.....So I was always hoping I wouldn't see this day. I mean who wants to see this day, hopefully this day can be skipped and we can all move on happily with our lives. {sigh} This prolly wont happen and my worst nightmare is prolly gonna come through. Word on is that my husband.....{sigh}yes Clifford Harris is getting married this saturday. Sad to say, but it wont be me walking down the aisle. Yes its our worst nightmare, he's finally gonna put a ring on her finger.This is not good. The most beautiful man I know is going to marry Tiny. This may sound like hating, but I really love him. How could he do this to me???

I honestly love him soooooooooooo, if this makes him happy I guess I will have to be happy. I mean they do have tons of kids and been together for mad long. She's a ride or die chick which he deserves. If I can't have him at least I can rest knowing that he has someone who really loves him.{sigh}

Disclaimer: I will be happy 4 yal but if she does anything 2 hurt him I swear I will be there before she could begin to blink her eye. {tear}

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Brii said...

lol awwww im sorrryy babygirl. U'll b iight