Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Kanye Backs Me Up"

Ok, so you guys all know I love Hov. He is like the big brother I never had. (So much inspiration)
Soooooo I know some people who seem to believe that Hov has NO Swag (Crazily Ridiculous)
In an attmept to help these poor people I have searched 4 someone who could help me heal their troubled minds.
Who did I find? Kanye West.
Kanye has crazy swag and if you say he doesn't your an utter idiot and I can no longer associate myself with you.

"T.I. has a great effortless sense of style [and] Jay has set mad trends and is the [Frank] Sinatra of our era," Ye wrote via his blog last week. "Nobody is as fresh as Ralph Lauren himself, only Andre 3000 and [Mr.] Bentley get close but there's still work to do. I think old men dress the freshest...When I can see crazy stuff I've worn and people laugh at me, all I can do is laugh with you and think, I had fun though." (Kanye's Blog)
{There you have it, Kanye said Hov has swag, Now take that you haters}

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Brii said...

exactlyy..eff all the Jay swag haters!!!