Monday, June 22, 2009

Up & Coming : Leah LaBelle

I should have been told yal bout her, but I haven't so now I will .
I started listening 2 her covers last fall and I think she has an amazing voice.
She was on American Idol( I only watch the auditions lol so I'm not sure what season).
I mean she should be next because not only can she sing she has an adorable personality. I mean she's a really sweet girl and she's pretty.

You guys should totally take a moment of your time to listen to her, she won't dissapoint. She can really sing yal. So stay tuned and listen.

Once again her name is Leah LaBelle follow her on twitter plz.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Music: Eden's Crush

Sooooo I was bored....
Then I remembered that show POPSTARS
which led me 2 Eden's
Am I the only 1 who was completely in love with them lmao???????

Remember the song, "Get Over Yourself"
Well if you don't I will kindly post it below lol


Friday, June 12, 2009

Fallen to Temptation

I have been resisting this thing called twitter 4 a nice lil minute.
However I am utterly bored babysitting my God-Brova's sister....
So I made a twitter and ewwww I am about 2 say it..........
Follow Me at
I prolly will use it quite often....but it won't affect my blogging.
However it may affect my facebooking(i kno dats not a word )lol.
I guess a twitter will be good because I always have something 2 say....
WEll I will ttyl as soon as I find a piece of news 2 give you.

{Also if you have any suggestions about things you would like 2 see on da blog or how 2 improve it please feel free 2 send me an email at}

smooches yal <3

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There's Neva An Excuse 4 Copy Catting lol

So when Ciara first came out I really loved her. I mean the girl can effin dance. However over the years the love has slowly deteriorated. I mean her vocals aren't entertaining and the songs have been mediocre.

So I was browsing through as I do everyday looking for something that makes some type of sense and I see Ciara completely losing all originality. Yes, she's definitely stealing ish from Bey and that's not cool.

Ciara if this ever reaches you, you need to see that it's not cool to steal from Beyonce.We all know she's amazing, but you are only humiliating yourself by trying to imitate her.

"Ciara Stop Swiping.....smh"

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Perfect Shoe: Prada

I have a lil addiction :/
I like 2 look at stuff college students can't afford.
It makes me happy so shut up.
I probally will be able 2 afford dese things within 3 years.
Yeah I do dream big, but if you dream small what's the hype of achieving these things.
Well these sexy lil' mammas are Prada. I like em a lot. I would be very happy if you bought em lol.

Prada Shoes:Orig.-$990.00 Sale*-$658.25
My Love 4 dese : Pricelss


Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Shoe: Dolce & Gabanna

I really like dese and you can have em for da small price of $550 lls.
I adore shoes.........

Pretty Much......Sumfin Serious......{smooches yal}

New Music: Yes from Jay-Z

So Friday I was chilling when Chill Moody (year the critically acclaimed rapper) called me. I was talking to my mom so I missed the call, but he told me to tune in to Hot 97.....
Instantly I knew what this was was Hov.....The Blueprint 3 will be released on September 11 (Great Marketing by the way)
Ok back to business there is a new single from this genius. Death of Autotune.....real ish.
He goes in, but its Hov so what else would you expect?????
I love this man.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Nicca Gucci is Hitting Tweakers though???

So since I been at HU, I have began to love southern rappers lmao. Soulja boy has grown on me and the party ain't poppin if there is no Gucci Mane. Well Gucci hits women so does that mean I hate him lol(heck nah). I cant believe he hit this girl. Its not funny, but then again it enjoy lmaoooo.


Hov? Tour? Do I Hear Magic?

{Photo Courtesy of:}

Okay, so its the moment you have been waiting for. I mean it's the best news ever. Its not all the way factual, but I have decided that pretty soon Hov will be on tour in a city near you. How did I come to this conclusion?? Well I see that he is doing a couple of tours with Ciara in June, so I figure that he is just warming up. You know the Blueprint 3 should be coming out in September (yes That is September 2009).I am like totally excited because that means once again I can be graced with his presence. Yes I really love him and he is like one of the best performers there is, which is not a coincidence(U kno his wife is Bey). I mean you should be hype and on the look out because I am.

Bey & Hov = My Heart

Ok, so you know the obsession. I love Beyonce and Jay-Z. It was only right for me to share a personal favorite with you. You have to listen real close, but its Hov singing T-Shirt. What you have to peep is what he says when he finishes singing. Omg I love them like I can't wait to find my Hov.

{this is da only couple I am not bitter towards lmaoo jkjk}