Friday, June 12, 2009

Fallen to Temptation

I have been resisting this thing called twitter 4 a nice lil minute.
However I am utterly bored babysitting my God-Brova's sister....
So I made a twitter and ewwww I am about 2 say it..........
Follow Me at
I prolly will use it quite often....but it won't affect my blogging.
However it may affect my facebooking(i kno dats not a word )lol.
I guess a twitter will be good because I always have something 2 say....
WEll I will ttyl as soon as I find a piece of news 2 give you.

{Also if you have any suggestions about things you would like 2 see on da blog or how 2 improve it please feel free 2 send me an email at}

smooches yal <3

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