Monday, June 1, 2009

Hov? Tour? Do I Hear Magic?

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Okay, so its the moment you have been waiting for. I mean it's the best news ever. Its not all the way factual, but I have decided that pretty soon Hov will be on tour in a city near you. How did I come to this conclusion?? Well I see that he is doing a couple of tours with Ciara in June, so I figure that he is just warming up. You know the Blueprint 3 should be coming out in September (yes That is September 2009).I am like totally excited because that means once again I can be graced with his presence. Yes I really love him and he is like one of the best performers there is, which is not a coincidence(U kno his wife is Bey). I mean you should be hype and on the look out because I am.

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Brii said...

I'll def be on the look out.