Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There's Neva An Excuse 4 Copy Catting lol

So when Ciara first came out I really loved her. I mean the girl can effin dance. However over the years the love has slowly deteriorated. I mean her vocals aren't entertaining and the songs have been mediocre.

So I was browsing through Mediatakeout.com as I do everyday looking for something that makes some type of sense and I see Ciara completely losing all originality. Yes, she's definitely stealing ish from Bey and that's not cool.

Ciara if this ever reaches you, you need to see that it's not cool to steal from Beyonce.We all know she's amazing, but you are only humiliating yourself by trying to imitate her.

"Ciara Stop Swiping.....smh"

1 comment:

Nia Imani said...

tisk tisk. Ciara has just FALLEN OFF HARD ... i hate to say it.