Friday, July 3, 2009


Introduce me to a girl who doesn't love denim and I'll call her crazy.I believe denim is the universal fabric. It can take you from casual to ulra-glam. Though we all love this wonderful fabric, we sometimes have trouble wearing it the "right" way for our body type. I'm not gonna leave yal stranded, I have a few pointers to put, you in the perfect pair of jeans.

Now if your petite like me and dare to look taller you should try a pair of slim fitting boot cut jeans.(If needed take them to the cleaners and get them hemmed.) Now if you happen to have the "NO BUTT AT ALL SYNDROME" you should seek "stretch" jeans with detailed pockets. The detail on your pockets will steal the attention given to the actual size of your butt(or lack of lol). If you have long legs you should be looking for jeans that offer longer inseams such as 7 For All Mankind and Rock & Republic. A big piece of advice for all my pear shaped ladies is to run away from super-tapered jeans. Your best bet is a low rise boot-cut,trouser, or flare style pair of jeans. Now to my Plus-Size Fashionistas please don't feel the need to go for the baggy look. This will only make your appear bigger and I know that is the very thing you do not look forward to. Instead try something more form fitting(not spandex tight though).Lastly to all my straight up and down chicas make sure your jeans fit on your hips to avoid the dreaded "Mom Jean" look.

OK, I can't stop with just advice for the body types. A big reoccurring question is: "Is it okay to pair denim with denim?". (Now listen closely.)I think its perfectly do-able (do-able may not be a word lol).The key is you have to do it right. Now what does "right" mean? Try not to match the denims. Matching denims is not cool. It is not okay to look like you are wearing a denim suit. As long as you mismatch the denims pieces, you will look great.

(Courtesy of Teen Vogue(Denim Layout Pic))

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