Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kim & Reggie Split

So What's this I'm hearing about Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian going thier seperate ways???
It can't be. I am really hoping this a rumor because it seems like just the other day she was tweeting aboout going over his house to spend some quality time with him.
I mean she's beautiful and if she can't keep a man who can.
I am probally not happy about this report because this man claims he doesn't like "Black Woman".
That subject is a whole different story. However If anyone knows the deal with this please let me know what's going on.
I have a hard time believing anything says, but alledgedly Kim and Usher are supposed to being going out on a date in the near future.
So Soon Kim???
I mean Nas & Kelis blew us all out the window, but Kim and Reggie too. This is too much. At least we still have Beyonce and Hov.


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