Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Top 25"

So as you all should know I go to Howard University, The Mecca, The Capstone. I love my school and I hate defending it. Fareal, I get tired of hearing the ignorance of people when it comes to going to a HBCU. The conversation of why I choose to go to Howard is always reoccuring. Its actually quite annoying. I just wanted to show you guys that I go to the 2nd best HBCU and I was accepted to the "best" HBCU. If you ask me Howard is the best. Spelman is a biased option because its an all girl school.I choose Howard over Spelman without any regrets. To all you guys that believe Hampton is the "REAL HU" look where your school stands. Now if you choose a school over Howard you should feel bad if you see that they are not on the list. However I wanna congratulate all the schools that made the list. Now according to US News & Post here are the official rankings.

1 Spelman College: Atlanta, GA Score 100

2 Howard University: Washington, DC, Score 95

3 Morehouse College: Atlanta, GA Score 81

4 Hampton University: Hampton, VA Score 77

5 Fisk University: Nashville, TN Score 73

6 Tuskegee University: Tuskegee, AL Score 69

7 Claflin University: Orangeburg, SC Score 65

7 Dillard University: New Orleans, LA Score 65

9 Xavier University of Louisiana: New Orleans, LA Score 64

10 Johnson C. Smith University: Charlotte, NC Score 56

11 Tennessee State University: Nashville, TN Score 52

12 Elizabeth City State University: Elizabeth City, NC Score 50

12 Winston-Salem State University: Winston-Salem, NC Score 50

14 Virginia State University: Petersburg, VA Score 46

15 Florida A&M University : Tallahassee, FL Score 45

15 North Carolina A&T State University: Greensboro, NC Score 45

15 North Carolina Central University: Durham, NC Score 45

15 South Carolina State University: Orangeburg, SC Score 45

19 Morgan State University: Baltimore, MD Score 44

20 Jackson State University: Jackson, MS Score 43

21 Bennett College: Greensboro, NC Score 42

22 Clark Atlanta University: Atlanta, GA Score 41

22 Delaware State University: Dover, DE Score 41

24 Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University: Normal, AL Score 40

25 Albany State University: Albany, GA Score 39


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seanmicheal said...

Your next blog needs to be titled "The 10 best Reasons Why Howard Kicks Spelman's ass..