Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering Michael.......

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. You are gone but truly not forgotten. How could we ever forget you? How could we ever do a tribute great enough for you? You are the King of Pop and even though you are gone no one can take that away from you.You are truly an inspiration and a true trendsetter.If your looking down on us I hope you can see how much you were loved and cherished. Everyone should take a moment of silence for you today. My love & prayers are with your family. Losing someone you love can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

"Peace,Love & Life"

MJB & Drizzy Drake

Soooo she looks fab in this video. I know my mom is gonna be soooo hype when she sees this. She loves MJB. Drizzy does his thing too. I really love this song. Its crazy that MJB is still showing these girls how its done. I mean how could you not adore her she's so real. Just watch the video.The name of the song is The One and I think its pretty self explanatory.

"Peace,Love,& Life"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not One 2 Judge But......

Okay, so the other day my home girl & I came to a real a** subject. First we was talking music. We was just stating the females that are out and actually have vocal ability. Of course Alicia Keys was on the list. That's when the real topic came out that has me puzzled. It's no doubt about the fact that the girl is talented, but now her morals are completely different. My home girl completely altered my views on her.

Its this whole Swizz Beatz situation. Now I'm not perfect so I can't judge her. However I have my opinions and I have a blog so I can write about it. SO I don't believe in sugar-coating stuff so I'm just gonna say it. Alicia Keys is a home wrecker. I can't stand home wreckers. Why do you have to break up a happy home??
It's such a greedy thing to do. They had a child and everything. Do you not take into consideration he has a child who would prefer that his parents were happily married. No one prays for a step mom. Do you honestly believe he won't do the same thing to you?? Idk I love Alicia but this is a low thing to do. Honestly men are dogs, but that doesn't mean you should assist them in their trifling ways.

Am I going in?? I just think home-wrecking should be against the law or something. How could you have any pride after you have wrecked a home publicly. You don't even care. I just think its a really selfish thing to do.Why would you do this??? How could you sleep at night knowing that you robbed an innocent child of a happy home. All I know is that karma is a bxtch and its prolly gonna kick you in the butt when she gets around to it.

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"Peace,Love,& Life"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rose We Call Amber

I honestly wanna know why is it that every time someone is distinctly badd Media Take Out feels the need to find any reason possible to talk about them. I mean I know I should stop reading Media Take Out if I don't want the negativity, but its honestly a drug. I have to read it. Sometimes us bloggers don't support the beautiful people in the public eye. Its like we only write to bring them down. So this is for Amber. She's the shxt and she doesn't need for anyone to validate it, but a little recognition doesn't hurt.

Amber Rose was born October 21, 1982 in Philadelphia, PA. She was born and raised in South Philadelphia. She's a former exotic dancer and currently a model. She is also the on and off again girlfriend of Kanye West as if you don't already know that. You are probably wondering why I like her. I personally love her style. She's fresh and she definitely makes a statement when she walks in a room she definitely makes a statement. There's not a lot of girls in the public eye that represent Philly girl right and I honestly believe that she does. I could care less about her sexuality and what goes on behind closed doors. Its her life, so I'm gonna let her live it. I just wish the rest of the media would stop judging her.

Peace,Love, & Life

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jay-Z & Oprah

Okay, so for as long as you can probably remember Oprah has never did a show with a rapper. Why??? I really don't know, but you know how a lot of our "elders" seem to hate that "Gangster" rap. Well times have changed and our girl Oprah is changing also. Next month Oprah will be doing a show starring the Greatest Rapper Alive.......Jay-Z.

The word is that Hov will take Oprah into the Brooklyn Housing Projects where he was raised. He's gonna talk about how he became the successful man he is today, life with Bey, and what he is doing to help young people get beyond poverty. I am completely excited. Who is reading this and isn't excited???

So you are prolly wondering what made Oprah change her mind. None other than Beyonce' herself. In order to get an exclusive interview with Bey last spring she had to do a show with Hov when his album dropped. If that isn't great teamwork, I really don't know what is. I guess Bey is really upgrading Niccuhs lol.

Okay so, I know the whole article is talking about the show, but I just heard he will be in next month's issue of O. I am not sure which source is true, but I know Oprah and Jay-Z have been working together.