Monday, August 10, 2009

Jay-Z & Oprah

Okay, so for as long as you can probably remember Oprah has never did a show with a rapper. Why??? I really don't know, but you know how a lot of our "elders" seem to hate that "Gangster" rap. Well times have changed and our girl Oprah is changing also. Next month Oprah will be doing a show starring the Greatest Rapper Alive.......Jay-Z.

The word is that Hov will take Oprah into the Brooklyn Housing Projects where he was raised. He's gonna talk about how he became the successful man he is today, life with Bey, and what he is doing to help young people get beyond poverty. I am completely excited. Who is reading this and isn't excited???

So you are prolly wondering what made Oprah change her mind. None other than Beyonce' herself. In order to get an exclusive interview with Bey last spring she had to do a show with Hov when his album dropped. If that isn't great teamwork, I really don't know what is. I guess Bey is really upgrading Niccuhs lol.

Okay so, I know the whole article is talking about the show, but I just heard he will be in next month's issue of O. I am not sure which source is true, but I know Oprah and Jay-Z have been working together.

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