Sunday, September 13, 2009

True Coonery (The VMA's)

Oh where do we begin?? You guys thought BET had major coonery, well MTV stole dat title tonight. Oh geesh I wish I could just say this was a beautiful night. Well, I can't and I am not gonna fraud. I'm not even gonna do the whole red carpet thing. Let's talk about the show. It was exactly that a show, more like a comedy than award show though. I mean..... Well you saw it for yourself.

Madonna's speech was really nice. It was touching and almost had me teary eyed. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. Janet killed it hands down she tore that ish up.Its funny because although she didn't cry I saw the pain in her eyes, but I also saw how she transformed a sorrow into a wonderful performance.She could see her love for him in every move. I wish Chris Brown would be allowed to pay tribute though. I know he did a horrible thing this year, however he still deserves a chance to pay homage to his idol.I swear he would kill it. I am satisfied with Janet's performance though. At first it was a little shakey for me. If Janet didn't perform BET's tribute would have been way better.

Okay now to the coonery. Female video of the year award goes to Taylor Swift. Pause...... I am not here to hate on shawty. I feel as though Lady Gaga coulda won that and Bey deserved it. However Bey is not gonna win every award. Pause....I do believe her winning that is coonery, but the biggest load of coonery is Kanye dissing the little girl. I feel bad for her he ruined her moment. It was funny, I ain't gonna lie I did laugh. However that was effed up Kanye. Poor girl.

I feel like a lot of the winners were fake, but thats MTV bafoonery that I will not talk about.

Lady Gaga is strangely poppin. Idk how I feel about that acceptance speech she gave.

Shoutouts to Pink. Her performance stunted on mad so-called singers. This bitty was belting notes out upside down.

Bey's performance was stellar. I mean did you see her kill that shyt like never before. Her body language screamed "I am gonna show you why I should have won!"
She lost weight, but she still looked amazing. She sounds great live. A lot of these girls imitate her, but I doubt that she can be replicated. She wins Video of The Year and that was all she wanted anyway. Then to top her greatness of she gives Taylor her moment back. Bey is the best hands down. Nobody is effin with her.

Sidenote: Poor Solange was forced to perform commercial break after her sister. That was mad rude. I love Solange and I know she hates living in Beyonce's shadow. Solange is her own person so big ups to her. She was mad about being after her sister. Solange went on to tweet: "How fitting I'm performing after my sissy poo. Of cooouuuursssee MTV. Accidental line up? I thinks not,lol."

Hov's performance was beautiful. He bossed the whole show. He doesn't need a whole paragraph. You guys know how I feel about him. He's the boss. I did love how Bey was in the audience rocking to his music though. They are adorable and was shouted out as the Best Couple in the beginning of the show.

Of course there had to be coonery in order to end the show though. Lil Mama bird ass hops onto the stage during Hov's performance. I can't believe she had the audacity to do that.

VMA's fell beneath the BET awards. Great Job guys. I am sure that this is exactly what you dreamed of while planning the show.

"Peace,Love,& Life"

"The Mastermind"

So,I have been shouting Rihanna out on her trendsetter ways for a minute now. However when you are a star you do not dress yourself. Your money buys a stylist who either creates you or destroys you. I absolutely love Rihanna and I had to give props where props is due. I found the mastermind behind this leading trendsetter.

The mastermind behind Rihanna's style revolution is Mariel Haenn. She has been styling for about ten years.At first she wanted to be a designer, but she found that styling was much more appealing. It gave her the oppurtunity to create a whole being.I think she's dope and if you don't think so your wack and know nothing about fashion.

She is not only Rihanna's stylist, but she has also worked with Jada Pinkett Smith, Angela & Vanessa Simmons, Keri Hilson, and Meagan Good. She has also did styling for Pepsi and Coca Cola. You better believe that I will be taking notes from this leading lady that is behind the scenes.

Shoutouts to the Mastermind behind Rihanna.

"Peace,Love & Life"

Real Life: Shakiyah Ivory 2009

I have decided that I am going to start letting you guys see more of me on my blog. Don't have a heart attack I will still continue to blog about fashion and music. However I decided to give you guys more of me. I'm going to talk about things that occur in real life. Its gonna get semi reality on y'all. I am not gonna put my life on blast, however I think you guys would enjoy the things I see. You guys will get a chance to see more of the {HU}nnies and things of that sort. So get ready for the ride I promise I won't disappoint.

Well, since I am talking about real life I can not go on any further without talking about what I witnessed this morning. It was about 4:30 am and Chloe and I were in the car on our way home when we witnessed the biggest TWEAK eva. We were on the freeway and this lady was driving entirely too fast, like she was literally right behind us. Chloe being the great driver she is used great judgement and switched lanes. The next thing I know the lady drives off the road into the guard rail. We stop and Chloe runs to the rescue and calls the cops. The lady is okay which is great and all, but instead of thanking God for sparing her another day. This lady looks at her car and starts crying hysterically because her whole front is effed up.

At this point I could care less. Who cares about the car you could have died dummy. She's lucky I didn't take pictures or she would be all over this blog as the biggest dummy ever. C'mon people lets get our priorities straight.

"Peace,Love & Life"

Friday, September 11, 2009

&& If She Ain't Fly Who Really Is?

Okay, so I don't remember the last time I posted a picture of Rihanna. I love this girl. Forget the drama and the music her style alone puts her on the map. As long as she keeps changing her look she will always have a fan base. I have yet to meet the person who believes that she isn't a trendsetter. The girl is bad. Its undeniable. As you all should know its currently New York Fashion Week. Last nite was Fashion's Night Out and it would have been retarded if Rihanna was not somewhere styling on girls worldwide. During Fashion's Night out you shop and party til you can't continue any further.

Rihanna came out to play at Giuseppe Zanotti’s party and chilled with Mr. Giuseppe himself. The outfit is crazy. Her legs look amazing. I'm in love with every piece. I mean the hooded dress is something that not everyone can pull off. The Giuseppe shades scream Rihanna and the Giuseppe boots are to die for. Literally I would wear them at my funeral lol. Shout outs to Rihanna's stylist because she's amazing.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Real Life Ish"

Ok so my weekend was crazy and that's all I can say. A lot of stuff came to light that had me like WOW. I can't even put this whole situation on blast, but I am gonna say that things definitely got real. I needed a wise saying to get through this and who gives it to me?? None other than, the big homie, Jay-Z.

"Sometimes the best way to really see a person is to not look at them"

Does this not say it all?? I mean after I heard this I knew exactly what I had to do. It made me feel sooo much better about everything that was going on. I hope these wise words can help you too.