Friday, September 11, 2009

&& If She Ain't Fly Who Really Is?

Okay, so I don't remember the last time I posted a picture of Rihanna. I love this girl. Forget the drama and the music her style alone puts her on the map. As long as she keeps changing her look she will always have a fan base. I have yet to meet the person who believes that she isn't a trendsetter. The girl is bad. Its undeniable. As you all should know its currently New York Fashion Week. Last nite was Fashion's Night Out and it would have been retarded if Rihanna was not somewhere styling on girls worldwide. During Fashion's Night out you shop and party til you can't continue any further.

Rihanna came out to play at Giuseppe Zanotti’s party and chilled with Mr. Giuseppe himself. The outfit is crazy. Her legs look amazing. I'm in love with every piece. I mean the hooded dress is something that not everyone can pull off. The Giuseppe shades scream Rihanna and the Giuseppe boots are to die for. Literally I would wear them at my funeral lol. Shout outs to Rihanna's stylist because she's amazing.



Surayyah Fluellen said...

definitely! i love rihanna there hasnt been one time where i was like "OMYGOSH" what do she got on and it was badd lol. love her!

Shakiyah Ivory said...

We all love her. She's a fashion icon.

Cash Flow said...

You sure those are shades because I bought a pair of shades for my ex for ny fashion week that look just like those.. Its a pair like what Rihanna wore in the Run This Town Video.. There called Barracuda Shades from A-Morir.. U can purchace them only for $350 at

- Chad Dillon

Shakiyah Ivory said...

Thanxx Chad......
Correction: Dress by Alexander Wang
Shoes by Giuseppe Zanoti
Shades by Kerin Rose

Cash Flow said...

No problem your welcome.. u know me, always up on the fashion tip