Sunday, September 13, 2009

True Coonery (The VMA's)

Oh where do we begin?? You guys thought BET had major coonery, well MTV stole dat title tonight. Oh geesh I wish I could just say this was a beautiful night. Well, I can't and I am not gonna fraud. I'm not even gonna do the whole red carpet thing. Let's talk about the show. It was exactly that a show, more like a comedy than award show though. I mean..... Well you saw it for yourself.

Madonna's speech was really nice. It was touching and almost had me teary eyed. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. Janet killed it hands down she tore that ish up.Its funny because although she didn't cry I saw the pain in her eyes, but I also saw how she transformed a sorrow into a wonderful performance.She could see her love for him in every move. I wish Chris Brown would be allowed to pay tribute though. I know he did a horrible thing this year, however he still deserves a chance to pay homage to his idol.I swear he would kill it. I am satisfied with Janet's performance though. At first it was a little shakey for me. If Janet didn't perform BET's tribute would have been way better.

Okay now to the coonery. Female video of the year award goes to Taylor Swift. Pause...... I am not here to hate on shawty. I feel as though Lady Gaga coulda won that and Bey deserved it. However Bey is not gonna win every award. Pause....I do believe her winning that is coonery, but the biggest load of coonery is Kanye dissing the little girl. I feel bad for her he ruined her moment. It was funny, I ain't gonna lie I did laugh. However that was effed up Kanye. Poor girl.

I feel like a lot of the winners were fake, but thats MTV bafoonery that I will not talk about.

Lady Gaga is strangely poppin. Idk how I feel about that acceptance speech she gave.

Shoutouts to Pink. Her performance stunted on mad so-called singers. This bitty was belting notes out upside down.

Bey's performance was stellar. I mean did you see her kill that shyt like never before. Her body language screamed "I am gonna show you why I should have won!"
She lost weight, but she still looked amazing. She sounds great live. A lot of these girls imitate her, but I doubt that she can be replicated. She wins Video of The Year and that was all she wanted anyway. Then to top her greatness of she gives Taylor her moment back. Bey is the best hands down. Nobody is effin with her.

Sidenote: Poor Solange was forced to perform commercial break after her sister. That was mad rude. I love Solange and I know she hates living in Beyonce's shadow. Solange is her own person so big ups to her. She was mad about being after her sister. Solange went on to tweet: "How fitting I'm performing after my sissy poo. Of cooouuuursssee MTV. Accidental line up? I thinks not,lol."

Hov's performance was beautiful. He bossed the whole show. He doesn't need a whole paragraph. You guys know how I feel about him. He's the boss. I did love how Bey was in the audience rocking to his music though. They are adorable and was shouted out as the Best Couple in the beginning of the show.

Of course there had to be coonery in order to end the show though. Lil Mama bird ass hops onto the stage during Hov's performance. I can't believe she had the audacity to do that.

VMA's fell beneath the BET awards. Great Job guys. I am sure that this is exactly what you dreamed of while planning the show.

"Peace,Love,& Life"

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