Monday, October 5, 2009

GIRL TALK (Preferably with a glass of Moscato)

I figured out wut my problem is: I look at ppl & see wut they could potentially be as opposed to who they r. Always thinkin they'll change..{Brittany

I hate you
I hate you for making me cry late at night
I hate you for not being there for me when I needed you
I hate you for making promises you can not keep
I hate you for taking me for granted
I hate you for not knowing you had something great
I hate you for not seeing how amazing we were together
I hate how I know you're lying
I hate what you put me through
I hate how you make me laugh when nothing is funny
But mostly, I hate how i know you better than you know yourself

Where do I begin?? Your wondering why I put these two things up, well.....Obviously I relate to both. Let's look at my girl Britt's statement...."I figured out wut my problem is: I look at ppl & see wut they could potentially be as opposed to who they r. Always thinkin they'll change." This was such an Amen moment when she tweeted. I realized that the last guy I dated I fell so hard for him because of his potential, which blinded me from seeing the things that were really happening. Obviously he did do things right that's why I was with him, but when he got comfortable that's when it was hard to let go. It wasn't hard because he was putting forth effort. It was hard because I saw his potential and I wanted so badly for him to live up to his potential. The problem was that he did not want to live up to his potential. As females we need to stop this whole "change" method. Stop trying to change him into what your vision is and learn to accept him for what he is. It's definitely not the easiest thing to do, but it is definitely the best thing to do. I learned that when it comes to dealing with relationships that sometimes the hardest things to do are the best things you can do for yourself. I know this is cliche' but what does not kill you will only make you stronger. The things you learn from these relationships will make you or break you. If you learn from mistakes you will only grow into a better person.Or you could just subject yourself to a bigger unnecessary heartbreak.

Neexxxxxt! Nebby's lists of I hate's definitely touched a few spots.I can honestly relate to each one for one specific person. That's why it hits so hard. I mean it's crazy because although I say I hate him deep inside I know I don't. Honestly I am just hurt.

Well I have said all this to let you guys know that you are never the only one going through the various things that you are going through. It happens to the best of us. I think that sometimes it helps you feel better when you know its other beautiful women going through the same issues as you. I hope that this helps someone because it always help me to see that I am not going through this alone.

"Peace,Love,& Life"

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