Friday, October 9, 2009

& If It Ain't About Money Than It Ain't About Me

"My ideal man is old,wrinkled,and white on a green piece of paper" -Nicki Minaj

Yes, this is my new motto. I no longer have any desire for any type of male companionship besides the homies. All I wanna do right now is get this paper. At the end of the day Benjamin Franklin is not gonna break my heart. So if you can't help me do something productive...poof...vamoose as Hov would say. I have found a new love and it is money.

So ladies take my advice and date Benjamin. He's a little old, but he won't leave you heartbroken. Plus, you will have much more to show for your relationship.


1 comment:

Freckles said...

I feel you on this but Ben is not sincerely keeping ya warm at nigh. LOL. However cant knock the hustle. Get it in.