Friday, October 2, 2009


As of lately things have begun to become a little crazy in my life. So I have taken a step back from everything.I ran home to take a break and get things back under control. I want yal to know that it works and I think that everyone should do it when they feel like things are only getting worse. It is a true blessing to have a family to go home to. I haven't spokem about my issues to my family once since I been home, but I feel like I have the answers. Everything is behind me and I can breathe again. I needed me time with the people that love me unconditionally. This has become my new remedy to stress and not the play stress. I'm talking about the grey hair and everyone on campus know you going through it stress.So don't worry I will be off the hiatus soon. Its just important that every once in a while you take time out for yourself and get rejuvenated.
"Peace,Love& Life"


Freckles said...

I pray peace and contentment for you on your journey home. Home and Family are a refuge from the storms of life. Take your time lady.

Shakiyah Ivory said...

Thank you soooo much....being home definitely makes a big difference.