Sunday, November 29, 2009

Creative Control

i remember ayo saying that i was making a statement by remaining single.
i know now. i am
we all are.
i think that what we want most is creative control
by now, ive drawn up some fantasy boy in my head and i have no intentions on settling for less.
honestly, no i dont want to chill in your room.
honestly i dont know what metro date etiquette is.
and honestly i have no intentions of finding out.
think outside the box a little. cant we walk to the cute restarant in adams morgan "because theres no parking"
and be creative... no im not kissing you cause you took me to the movies. and my friends and i tapped your bottle in merdian. thats not about to happen.
i think that what we want most is someone who we can be our most authentic selves with.
i told alyssa that i talk to much and im a little shallow but it wont matter because he thinks its cute.
and i know deep down in my heart that i need to work on it because really, hes so amazing that i want to be my absolute best when im with him...

what im realizing about my fantasy land boy friend is that he is tangible...
someone has to marry the 6'5 with a range, why cant it be me?
and what makes him real is that we made a conscience decision.
he didnt trick me and i didnt fall and i was never blindly in love
together. we made the conscience decision to love one another. we said this is you. this is me. and we made us... we formulated our best attributes to make you and i.

so creatively, i controlled him. i dreamed up his mind and body and what jokes he would tell at dinner.
creatively, i made the decision to control what i would wear on our first date and the jokes i would laugh at and if i would let him do more than kiss me...
i created the design
but he took it from there.
every business plan marketing strategy and savings plan was executed by him...
and it was perfect

-Isoke Davis

[This post was written by my Southern Belle, Isoke as a note on her facebook. I love it and choose to share it with yal. I hope yal enjoyed it because I sure did. We are trying to get her to do a series(keep your fingers crossed).]

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hood Fab Secrets

The next time you are in Philadelphia walking down Germantown Avenue and a "sunni" bearing street vendor tries to sell you some shea butter you might want to think twice before saying no. At least I know will after finding out this beauty secret.

This is not just any beauty secret;however, it comes straight from one of today's largest style icons.It's almost impossible to flip the pages of any magazine or click through any of your favorite blogs without seeing a picture of Amber Rose.The Ford model is definitely turning heads. In a recent interview with Elle Ms. Rose revealed her secret to the envied glow that radiates from her skin.

"I’ve always been good about moisturizing. Every morning and every night, everyday. What I do, and this sounds kind of weird, but I buy these pint-size containers of raw African shea butter from street vendors, I microwave it, and after I shower, I rub it everywhere. Even on my scalp and face. Nothing works better. And it’s cheap!"

I will definitely be investing in my jar of shea butter.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Lemme Style You....

Just something I put together while I was listening to Melanie Fiona It Kills Me.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


He's not my man & I'm not his girl, but we mean something to each other. I'm not exactly sure what that is either, but I know I hate how sometimes he can be the best person in the world to me and then he can turn into this complete asswhole.I wish he could just choose one way to act so I could love him or hate him. I hate having these mixed emotions.He frustrates the hell out of me and somehow I just can't seem to let go. The funny thing is that I know this is exactly how he feels about me. (Guys don't question the picture yal wouldn't get it.)



What can I say?? I love her. Her voice is simply amazing. It is unbelievably soulful. I would never expect her to be able sing the way she does. I love it. She's an amazing vocalist. I just wanted to give her the credit she deserves. I think a lot of the time all the credit goes to the people who shine because of their performance, rather than those who can actually vocalize. Her voice is so mature and she's only twenty-one.I can't wait to see her grow as an artist.Her music is also very personal, usually based off of personal experiences. I think she's an amazing person and we need more artists like her. So add more Adele to your itunes and I believe you will be quite satisfied.


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Honestly I love fashion. I could go on for days about fashion, but that is not the point of this post. I think a lot of the time people that supposedly love fashion are only familiar with models and designers. They forget a critical component of the fashion industry. Without photographers there wouldn't be a need for magazines. You wouldn't be able to fully understand the art without the photographers.

Javier Vallhonrat is a phenomenal photographer. His use of lighting and color is absolutely amazing. He has done extensive work with Vogue and Flair magazines. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a picture he took on your wall.


Shop Til You Drop: Vintage

Hey, I'm not sure how popular this website is, but I happen to love it. It doesn't matter if I'm looking for inspiration or actually shopping. I feel like it just makes your day better. The prices aren't outrageous, but I know that I personally have found cheaper vintage spots in Philadelphia and New York. However, this site definitely will satisfy your vintage needs. My favorite thing about vintage is that you never have to worry about someone having your outfit on. It gives you a new level of confidence. The website is called and it will fulfill all of your vintage needs. The website is updated regular, so if you see something don't sleep on it because it will be sold out the next time you look at the site.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping For A Cause

{Photo courtesy of H&M} {No Copyright Intended}

I believe to whom much is given much is required. I'm not the richest person, but I'm definitely not the poorest. I find it very important to give back to those who aren't as fortunate as we are. I know that everyone doesn't have the time to volunteer at soup kitchens or have enough money to give big donations to charity;however we can all do something.
H&M is teaming up with UNICEF for a five year project entitled "All For Children".The project is focused on the children in the Salem and Dharmapuri districts in Tamil Nadu, on the southern tip of India. H&M takes a clear stance against child labour, and the goal of the initiative is to lift children out of work and into education, while also providing them with health and nutrition care, and building a protective environment to help prevent child labour. H&M has backed the project with a 4.5 million dollar donation, which hopefully motivates more customers to participate.
Sonia Rykiel has designed a bag made from organic cotton exclusively for H&M.December 5, 2009 it will be available in approximately 1,500 stores. 30% of the price of the bag will be donated to UNICEF. It is the first in a series of bags designed to raise funds for UNICEF and H&M’s All for Children project.Join H&M in making a difference in the lives of many children


Louise Goldin Spring 2010


I can remember my mom yelling at me every time I scraped my shoes as a child. It was all a part of a lesson that would benefit me later on in life. My mother always taught me that my shoes should always be on point because people will judge you after they see your shoes.I find this to be true, when meeting someone for the first time, it's a natural instinct to look at their shoes.Lessons like this has lead to an obsession with shoes. I love these shoes. If your scared to step out of the box and try something daring, you should keep it moving;however, if your not scared to take a risk, my friend I have something very special for you. These are by Louise Goldin for the Spring 2010 collection over at Topshop. Keep an eye on so you wont miss these delightful treats.


Baby Lemme Style You....

What can I say? It's only for the bold girls who love to stand out. All black always equals badd.

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Hell No"


These can't be genuine and if you think these are acceptable it's something wrong with you. If I see anyone with these on I will take a picture of you and post it on my blog as the biggest bird ever. Then I will make sure all of my friends do a post on your ass too.

Once again if I ever see anyone with these on I will EXPOSE YOUR ASS.


"Blog of The Week" (Numero Dos)

Hey yal I know its been a while since I have done post for "Blog of The Week", so I figured I'd let you know about one of the best kept secrets at Howard. My chica Diandra Davidson blogs and sometimes she doesn't promote it because it can be personal at times. Well lately she's been promoting it so I'm gonna support it.

"Power to The Pumps" doesn't have just one category, so I guess it reminds me of my blog. She talks about what she thinks should be heard. It can go from fashion to love in a minute and that's why I love it. She's a Queen's girl so she's nothing like the next. I'm only asking that my lovely followers follow her and show her love.

Now that I have ran my mouth about it feel free to run to her blog.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Lemme Style You....

You don't have to wear a skirt on a date to knock him dead. Knock em dead with these shoes. One day I will be doing this for a living something I love. I can't wait. I am so ready to graduate from Howard and start my career. I am so over all this go to class stuff. Lemme work baby.

Baby Lemme Style You....

Hey Guys, I have a new segment that I'm adding to the blog. It's called Baby Lemme Style You. I ultimately want to work as a stylist so I figured I'd let yal see some of my looks. I don't know how often I will do this segment, but it prolly will be often. I hope yal like it.