Sunday, November 29, 2009

Creative Control

i remember ayo saying that i was making a statement by remaining single.
i know now. i am
we all are.
i think that what we want most is creative control
by now, ive drawn up some fantasy boy in my head and i have no intentions on settling for less.
honestly, no i dont want to chill in your room.
honestly i dont know what metro date etiquette is.
and honestly i have no intentions of finding out.
think outside the box a little. cant we walk to the cute restarant in adams morgan "because theres no parking"
and be creative... no im not kissing you cause you took me to the movies. and my friends and i tapped your bottle in merdian. thats not about to happen.
i think that what we want most is someone who we can be our most authentic selves with.
i told alyssa that i talk to much and im a little shallow but it wont matter because he thinks its cute.
and i know deep down in my heart that i need to work on it because really, hes so amazing that i want to be my absolute best when im with him...

what im realizing about my fantasy land boy friend is that he is tangible...
someone has to marry the 6'5 with a range, why cant it be me?
and what makes him real is that we made a conscience decision.
he didnt trick me and i didnt fall and i was never blindly in love
together. we made the conscience decision to love one another. we said this is you. this is me. and we made us... we formulated our best attributes to make you and i.

so creatively, i controlled him. i dreamed up his mind and body and what jokes he would tell at dinner.
creatively, i made the decision to control what i would wear on our first date and the jokes i would laugh at and if i would let him do more than kiss me...
i created the design
but he took it from there.
every business plan marketing strategy and savings plan was executed by him...
and it was perfect

-Isoke Davis

[This post was written by my Southern Belle, Isoke as a note on her facebook. I love it and choose to share it with yal. I hope yal enjoyed it because I sure did. We are trying to get her to do a series(keep your fingers crossed).]

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