Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Louise Goldin Spring 2010


I can remember my mom yelling at me every time I scraped my shoes as a child. It was all a part of a lesson that would benefit me later on in life. My mother always taught me that my shoes should always be on point because people will judge you after they see your shoes.I find this to be true, when meeting someone for the first time, it's a natural instinct to look at their shoes.Lessons like this has lead to an obsession with shoes. I love these shoes. If your scared to step out of the box and try something daring, you should keep it moving;however, if your not scared to take a risk, my friend I have something very special for you. These are by Louise Goldin for the Spring 2010 collection over at Topshop. Keep an eye on topshop.com so you wont miss these delightful treats.


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Ms_Cr0ss said...

These shoes make me wanna scream...they are so hot!