Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Get It In

{First I have to say the title of this post comes from Bernard "Smooth Luciano" Tyler. He is like the big brother I never had.}

I'm sure everyone is making resolutions, which is fine and all, but they rarely are accomplished. I don't have no need to set out resolutions, but there are definitely changes I would like to make. I personally don't want to delete anyone out of my life. I feel like all the individuals in my life serve a purpose, whether they bring joy to my life or help make me a stronger person. I wouldn't trade them for the world. It's just a few things that would make life much more easier, so I'm going to try and embrace these two things.

"Sometimes the best way to see a person is to not look at them" - Hov
Now I posted this on the blog some time back and I just want to take a moment to reflect on this. Instead of deleting people out of my life I will just not look at them. I won't interact or do the little things that kept the relationship somewhat alive. I'm just going to live my life and while not looking at them notice what they are contributing. This is the best way to decide who is important and who isn't. There's no need to be mean or nasty about it.

Then there's this convo between Bruce Jenner & Kim Kardashian that sparked a flame in my soul. It was like an epiphany. He was comforting her about the whole Reggie break up and he said she needed to be selfish right now. Instantly Deedz and I looked at each other. This was the answer to all of our problems. We are young and while we have much to offer, we still have much to achieve. Instead of pouring so much of ourselves into other people we need to keep it to ourselves. It's our time to be selfish with our time, love, career, and education. There are so many things we could be doing instead of playing this endless cycle with members of the opposite sex, so this year I want to embrace the "SELFISH LIFESTYLE."

I'm looking forward to 2010 and all it has to offer, but I'm not going to make this long ridiculous list of resolutions. I'm just going to set goals in my mind and achieve them. If people notice, that's nice, but I don't do it for them I do it for me.

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