Monday, December 7, 2009

How It All Went Down......

As we all know December 4, 2009 was Jay-Z's 40th birthday party. Me, being an enthusiastic fan even threw a function at my house to honor what many believe should be a holiday. I finally found the details about what he did to celebrate this illustrious occasion. I am definitely pleased.

Beyonce' wanted to make sure the party was perfect for her husband, so she planned the whole thing. It took place at Campo de Casa, a wonderful resort in the Dominican Republic.It wasn't his biggest party, but it definitely included all the people he loves and holds dear to his heart.Beyonce wanted the party to be elegant, so she requested that everyone wore 1920's or 1940's attire. During dinner videos played of some of Hov's closest friends telling him how much they loved and appreciated him. After dinner there was a synchronized swim team and fireworks show. Finally, the party started and Hov danced all night long and if that wasn't enough Beyonce had one more thing under her sleeve. Saturday morning Beyonce held a lobster and steak brunch at their villa for all of their guests.

I love it. Beyonce made sure her man was happy and when you love someone that's definitely what it is all about. I always wanted to throw my boyfriend a huge party, but first I have to find a boyfriend. lol



Lavishanaire® said...

I went to his last concert it was sick, but yeah "40"

Shakiyah Ivory said...

Yes, I love to see him in concert and thanks. I checked out your line and it's nice. If your ever looking for stores that you want so see it in, don't hesitate to hit me up I definitely have a suggestion.

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