Saturday, December 19, 2009

Change Comes With Age

I did one post on the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident. I vowed to never do another, but this post isn't necessarily about that. It's about Rihanna. There are so many Rihanna haters. I honestly do not understand why they hate her. Some feel like she is corny for talking about the incident now that the hype was over, others feel like she is pretending to be something that she isn't, and others believe that she is trying to ruin Chris Brown. I dare not to comment on ignorance about the whole incident. If she was your sister you would not be making up excuses for him to beat her the way he did. I just want to address the whole situation of her not being herself.

I think it is important that we realize that Rihanna is only 21. Her first album, "Music of The Sun" came out when she was only 17. In the years between 17 and 21 we change a lot. I am only 19, but I am definitely not the same person. Rihanna's transformation was more dramatic than the average teenager; however, she was not living the average teenager's life. She never got to graduate from high school. She was too busy being a big star. If you look at her album covers you can see that this transformation did not occur over night.As she matured, so did her style.

It's not abnormal for a girl want to change her style up after a bad break up either. Think about the last time you had a bad break up. Did you not want a change? Did you not feel the urge to go shopping and look different? I think we look at her as some superstar, but we fail to realize she is a girl who is still young and trying to find herself.Its not only her style that has changed, but also the her personality. I mean she used to be a sweet little girl from the islands and now she is a complete bad ass. You have to realize that when she came out she was a girl and now she is grown, so she is allowed to express herself in ways that weren't possible before. No one complained about Bow Wow talking about Puppy Love then talking about Poles In His Basement. I personally loved the GQ shoot, but that wasn't the first time the girl did a topless shoot.

Then its the whole stylist thing right. She didn't transform on her own, so its not real. I hate that. Every celebrity uses a stylist in case you didn't know. Mariel Haenn does a great job with Rihanna and I can't deny it. However, I do know that a stylist guides the artist. They go to stores and take pulls, but the artist actually has the choice of whether or not they want to wear it. Oh you didn't know that, well now you do. Rihanna lives a more glamorous life than the average person, so it is only right that her transformation reflects that.

Yes, she isn't the girl she was when she first came out. She has seen the world and has the most number one singles this decade. She has survived domestic abuse.She knows most of her idols on a first name basis. You couldn't possibly expect her not to change. Not only has her own style changed, but so has her attitude. She sounds more confident. She definitely has some good things to say.If you listen to her interviews you will see growth and I think that's more important than anything.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I love Rihanna and you may hate her, but this is my blog, so I can speak upon how wonderful she is. I love her style, music, and personality. If she went to Howard she would be a {HU}nny.


korea said...

I know.. I feel the same way, sorta! I love Rihanna, all said and done.

Freckles said...

I respect your point of view however I am not a fan. I am a little older (30 but not old) but I do not hate because of the situation. I was not there and do not care to judge though I do have some thoughts. She is an attractive young lady and all of that but I think she is over commercialized and not really that talented. Of course that is my opinion. I do not care much for her style but can appreciate that she owns the looks all the way. Its respected but I do not think that she is terribly original by any means. I think that
your early 20's are good times to explore all possibilities and learn yourself. So, I am not really hating but not really a fan either. I have never really bought into her and she is jut not my cup of tea. no real hate though. I think she is doing that and its cool. To each his/her own.

just my 2 cents.

Shakiyah Ivory said...

@Korea :-) & @Freckles I understand what you are saying. I just had to write this post because I see and hear so much negative stuff about her. I personally like her music, but I also would listen to Adele before her. I just feel like people have so much to say about her, but they don't look at how much she has accomplished. For her to only be 21 and have the most number one songs in this decades is amazing.

Freckles said...

I hear you and it is all well respected. But you have to take in account that when someone puts themselves out there, they must take the good with the bad. No one can truly control how they are perceived but you can control how you are presented. It is something to consider always but especially when you are in the public eye.

Just my freeckles thoughts.