Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kapow! Style Star 2009

Okay, so I know your expecting for me to give Rihanna this title, but I can't. I mean I obviously love Rihanna's stlye, but she doesn't win it all around for me. I'm thinking more along the lines of a Nickolodeon star. Okay I'm not going to do the guessing game because you already see the pictures.

Keke Palmer is amazing. She's only sixteen and if you looked at her resume you would see things like: singer, actress, executive producer of her own show, and fashion line.Some critics tend to believe she dresses a little old, but they don't understand it's in the water. lol I believe she carries herself as a young lady and if you watch her interviews you can't deny her innocence. She's not little Akeelah anymore, but she stays within the lines of her age. I love her. She's ultra classy and that's why she is the Style Star 2009.


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