Friday, January 29, 2010

The Art of Taking 3 Steps Back

Females are wonderful and all, but I can't stand that emotional part of us. You know the part that blindfolds us and puts us in the cuffs. These emotions can be dangerous; however it only gets worse when we start thinking. You know trying to be like a scientist when it comes to all this how can I prevent my heart from being broken.

See, I'm that female. I will say, "never judge your present on your past." Then it hits me in the middle of the night when I'm thinking. You know those thoughts, like, "If everything sounds right it has to be game. That's the whole point of Game. It captivates you." So, then I'm like wtf?!? I just been G'd. I'm falling for this man and this could all be G. I get frustrated and because every one that I have ever been serious with has messed up, I remove myself from the equation. I do the 3 Steps.

1. I no longer refer to you as boo or babe or anything besides your name.
2. Then I appear to busy. I don't text or call as much.
3. Eventually I stop all the things that made you want me in the first place. I shut down.

Some boys spot it and confront it. If you confront it, I snap back into the person before the "3 steps". Some take it as I don't want to be bothered and leave the scene. This is a problem. I can't keep doing this. I call it catching myself before I fall.I don't want to fall victim to thinking I am protecting my heart. I need help. I don't want to lose the one because of my stupid tactics. Obviously if I feel the need to bring out the "3 Steps" I'm really into you and you must be showing me that your into me. The "3 steps" occur before it can ever be official. The worst thing about it is that I actually think heavily before I carry the action out.

The super sad thing is that I'm not the only female who does this. Why? Us females are confusing as hell. We are either giving someone a million chances or not giving someone a single chance. Men please don't be excited because I am female bashing because I have something for you too.


Chymere said...

wow....This caught my attention for the simple reason being I've done so much to protect my heart that I'm at a point now where I lost a really good guy. And we want guys to chase us down and surpass our walls but they don't because they feel like they are worth something too. I like when you said we either give a million chance or not a single chance. it's sad that we are such emotional creatures. Men have them too, don't get me wrong. But they have mastered their ego in such a way that it doesn't show as much.

Well nice post. I do have more to say but...I think I've said enough, lol

Shakiyah Ivory said...

I really enjoyed your comment. Thanks for the feedback. It's crazy how so many of us females go through the same thing.