Monday, January 11, 2010

Embrace The Moment

" Everyone's built different and you can't make someone pay for someone else's mistakes.That's the beauty of finding love.Love is a learning experience.....So many girls can forgive one dude & give him hella chances, but they won't even give the next guy who just may be the right guy a single chance." -Diandra Davidson (@designerdeedz on twitter)

This quote is simply true. It's so honest you can't deny it. Females tend to become bitter after being hurt by someone they truly love. I know heartbreak sucks, but you can't fall victim to that. It defeats the whole purpose of even dating someone new. I never want to miss out on the perfect guy for me because I made him pay for what the last one did. My piece of advice is to take time for yourself after break-ups and don't look for nothing. I found that the best things come when your not looking at all. Don't be scared when it finds you either. Just learn to enjoy the moments that could possibly build something srong.

No, I'm not in love right now. I'm still single;however, I have found an individual who keeps a smile on my face. I am enjoying this moment & not getting caught up in fantasies for the future. You can't force things to happen, that ruins things. I guess just keep an open mind. There are some happy relationships, look at Bey & Hov. If you like him, give him a chance you wouldn't want to miss out on something beautiful. If two people want something, it will work. Look at Kim & Reggie. They definitely are determined to make long distance work. Anything is possible when it's meant to be. Don't be discouraged.


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