Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Work It Out

Hey Guys, I know I have been a little absent, but it's midterms this week and I've been super busy. I have a little outfit for you all. It's not ready to go. It would need a few alterations, but I have a vision. I hope you guys can see it too.

Well, first we have to roll the dress sleeves up and cuff the jacket sleeves because I think that always makes things cuter. It makes things look a little edgier, well that's what I believe anyway. The jacket has to stay open closing it would kill the outfit, so make sure it's nice out. The length of the skirt troubles me. I'm short, so I like to show some leg. I think I would personally have to make it a tad bit shorter, but if your tall it's probably fine. Now, for accessories I pick this necklace because it gives the illusion of layers. I love to layer necklaces. I also prefer gold over silver. Now if you left the skirt longer I would say do the ankle boot, but if its short definitely do the riding boot. Now that my work is done, I have to get back to school work.


-Domanek. said...

Excuse Me , Would You Mind
Being My Personal Stylist ?
Lol :)

Shakiyah Ivory said...

lol of course. Thanks for the comment I'm glad you like it.